Friday, June 13, 2008

Paloma Fiuza Bikini Pictures Gallery

Let me introduce you to Brazilian showgirl Paloma Fiuza. Some say that Brazil has the hottest women in the world. I say that after looking at these Paloma Fiuza pictures that I might agree with those people. Paloma Fiuza has to be the hottest woman on earth. Look at her!

Paloma Fiuza'a ass in a thong = Perfect
Paloma Fiuza's tattoo above her ass = Perfect
Paloma Fiuza's fake boobs = Perfect
Paloma Fiuza's legs = Perfect
Paloma Fiuza's tan = Perfect
Paloma Fiuza = Perfect

Take a look at Paloma's pictures and you decide. Comment below.


Bianca said...

Mmmmmm! Brazilian Babes!

walden39 said...

Wow , nice body you're a working with" . Thanks for following me on twitter as well ...sweet! Take care