Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss USA Slips And Falls Down

Miss USA Rachel Smith Slips and falls during the evening gown competition During the Miss Universe 2007 show. Afterwards, the crowd in Mexico boos her. Some say she got boo'd because of the fall. Some say she got boo'd because she did not deserve to be in the top 10 and the only reason she was there was because of Donald Trump. Others think she got boo'd because she made the top 10 and Miss Mexico did not. Whatever the reason may be, she handled the fall pretty well. She kept her composure. She stood back up like nothing happened. If she was unnerved by it, it never showed. And even through the booing she held it all together.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Jodie Marsh Almost Nude

I figured it was about time to do a gallery of Jodie Marsh. If you guys did not know, Jodie Marsh started her career doing lap dances as a stripper. Who wouldnt want to get a lap dance from Jodie Marsh? She moved on from the stripping to do nude photoshoots and topless tv. I have decided to post a gallery of Jodie Marsh pics. I apologize ahead of time for not posting Jodie's boobs, topless pics, naked pictures or porn. But, they wont be too hard for you to find ;)

I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I enjoyed puting it together.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Porn Star Barbie Cumming's Blog Has Tennessee Trooper in Hot Water

Porn Star Barbie Cummings was pulled over by a Tennessee Trooper about two weeks or so ago in Wilson County, Tennessee. Barbie was speeding, had some little pain pills in the car and open containers in the back seat. She hadn't taken any pills and She had not been drinking, but they were in her possession.

Barbie told the cop what she did for a living, the discussion came up. He proceeded to look at Barbie's website and blog in his cop car...

Basically She offered him a blow job, he took it and now he is in trouble.

Barbies side of the story is that the Trooper bragged to his friends about what had happened and somebody reported him. The Troopers side of the story is that Barbie Cummings posted about the incident on her website's blog, somebody read it and turned the trooper in.

Check out the pictures of Barbie Cummings below. Take my poll and tell me who YOU think is in the wrong here. Also, feel free to leave comments like always :)

Barbie Cummings Update: Barbie Cummings is Pregnant!!

Who was in the wrong?

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Who do you think was in the wrong?
The Trooper is in the wrong.
Barbie Cummings is in the wrong.
They are both on the wrong.
Neither one of them are in the wrong.

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Barbie Cummings Update: Barbie Cummings is Pregnant!!