Monday, June 30, 2008

Katsumi In a Thong and Heels - Video

Check out this video of Japanese porn star Katsumi. Katsumi has a super sexy booty. And As you can see in this video, she definitely is not afraid to show it off. Believe me, you will be drooling over Katsumi's ass. Usually, you do not see see Asian girls with perfect butts like Katsumi. I didn't want the video to stop - WOW !

Don't forget to comment below. It makes Jen happy! :)


Robin said...

Holy ass-tastic Batman !

DuJuan said...

Katsumi is half French, so that might be where the ass came from.

Subliminal Soul said...


dujuan is right, she is half French and half Vietnamese, not Japanese - and one stunning lady, her accent and her looks are delicious!

Thanks for the post - as always I look forward to your latest posts!

Anonymous said...

She's called Katsuni now (legal problems" - see