Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jason Kidd's Girlfriend Hope Dworaczyk Picture Gallery

Jason Kidd is one lucky kid. His girlfriend Hope Dworaczyk is smoking hot. But you know what? For somebody who is supposed to be a "model", Hope Dworaczyk sure does not have many pictures floating around. I rounded up what I could find though. I just wished I could have found more provocative pictures of Hope. I even tried her myspace page but Hope has that set to private.

Oh, Jason Kidd has knocked her up too. Yes, Hope Dworaczyk is pregnant with Jason Kidd's kid.

Enjoy Hope Dworaczyk's hot pics.

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Dworaczyk whines about NeNe and then says she would rather be shopping, and is tired of being the go-to model. After last night's catwalk where her hair looked exactly like that "in-teresting monster with in-teresting hair" Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes character, Hope will never be asked to model anything ever again unless her moneymaker and boobs are in clear view.