Monday, April 30, 2007

Samantha Rowley Photoshoot

Maxim has outdone themselves yet again. They were able to get Samantha Rowley to pose in their Czech Republic magazine. Samantha Rowley is a British babe that appeared in the 'Holly Oaks' television show. She was also on 'Make Me a Supermodel'...and Supermodel material she definitely is. Enjoy these pics. I am sure we will be seeing lots more pictures of Samantha in the near future. Will we possibly see her nude soon? If I get my hands on any more pictures of Samantha, I will definitely post them here for all to enjoy.

And here is a super sexy video of Samantha Rowley's Front Magazine photoshoot.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Spider-Man 3" already leaked in China

Here's why you don't premiere a film in Asia - pirated copies of "Spider-Man 3" have already hit the streets of Beijing, China. Keep in mind…the film isn't set to open for two weeks in the US.

Copies of "Spider-Man 3" hit the streets Today (Tuesday the 24th) and though no one in the West has been able to vouch for the authenticity of the burned copies, it's still pretty ridiculous. People were wondering when the film would get pirated as soon as it debuted in Tokyo a couple weekends ago…and if these copies prove to be authentic…well, then there you go.

Chinese piracy accounts for close to a billion dollars in losses for US cultural exports per year. "Spider-Man 3" in particular can't afford any lost revenue seeing as it's the most expensive film ever made (some estimates reaching upward of $500 million). Either way, if you find a copy online, please don't send it my way - I've already got my tickets for May 4th and you're NOT gonna spoil it for me.

If you want to watch the Exclusice 7 minute preview of "Spider-Man 3" You can watch it here:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hot, Sexy Carmen Electra Lingerie Pictures

Will Carmen Electra ever get old? I mean, I look at these sexy pictures of Carmen and I wonder if she has even aged in the past ten years. I think Carmen Electra can pose for nude magazines and those magazines would still sell out. Thats how hot Carmen is. She doesnt get naked in the picturs below, but I still think the girl could pose for Playboy if she wanted to. She's still got one of the hottetst bodies and boobs in the biz. Feel free to comment on the pics below.

Monday, April 16, 2007

April Scott - Stuff Magazine Lingerie PhotoShoot

I think that most people still do not know who April Scott is. For those who do not know, she plays Daisy Duke in the straight to DVD Dukes of Hazzard Part II.

According to search engines, tons and tons of people are searching for nude pics of April Scott. But to the best of my knowledge there are none...not yet anyway. I guess she landed the role of Daisy Duke without having to get naked for anybody. But I am going to try to hunt down a video or two of April and post the videos to my blog. So keep any eye out for that. I will also be posting a few wallpaper pictures of her so you can use those if you like.

While April Scott may not have one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, I must say that this model-turned-actress definitely has one of the hottest bodies in town. See for yourself. Here are the photos from April's Stuff Magazine photoshoot. The girl looks good in Lingerie. Check out the pictures. And feel free to comment on these pics below. Enjoy the gallery.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Stacy Keibler's Stuff Magazine Photoshoot

Stacy Keibler definitely has the stuff to be posing for Stuff Magazine. Her pics are always sizzling. Time really flies when you’re staring at pictures of Stacy Keibler. Somehow, a full year has passed since the WWE’s most gorgeous grappler (sorry, Rey Mysterio, I'm just telling it like it is) graced the cover of Stuff for the first time. And since then, the world has caught on to something I knew this whole time: Once you lay your eyes on Stacy, it’s impossible to look away.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hayden Panettiere of the TV show Heroes, Licks Her Friend's Boob

So it begins with her too. Move over Lindsay Lohen...Hayden Panettiere is in town. If you want to keep your squeaky clean image, DO NOT & I repeat DO NOT let your friends take your photos of you licking your friend's boob while showing your own bra and cleavage. Unless, you want the publicity, then make sure you leak every photo you can to the press!

Here's a nice shot of young Hayden Panettiere (She plays the Cheerleader on the tv show Heroes) licking her friend's boob. Honestly, I dont see what the big deal is. I do silly stuff like that when I pose for photos with my girl friends all the time.

One last tribute to Haley from American Idol!

Haley "The Hot Chick" Scarnato is booted from American Idol. I was sad to see Hot Pants Haley go but it was inevitable. Haley's Idol legacy will be one of mini-skirts and disappointing performances, but she was certainly likable.

Simon Cowell was unjustly mean to her. Hopefully, we'll see her gracing the pages of Playboy very soon.

Oh, and just in case you were not aware, the future American Idol winner Sanjaya Ponyhawk is still on the show.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who Wore It Better? Christina Aguilera vs. Fergie

A Dolce & Gabbana number. Two Singers. Two ex-child stars. But who wore it better?

And yes I know that it is not the exact same dress, there are a few small differences, but for the most part, its the same, ok?

So go ahead and vote below who you think looks better in the dress. And feel free to post your comments below as well.

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Monday, April 9, 2007

WWE's Candice Michelle has a crush on American Idol's Blake Lewis

American Idol's beat-boxing Blake Lewis is gaining fans across the country. Men, women … wrestlers.

Or at least WWE Divas, as the females within the World Wrestling Entertainment world are known as. On the company’s official website, one of these beautiful athletes recently mentioned a certain American Idol as her celebrity crush:

“Well, I don’t think this person is really a celebrity yet, but I think he’s cute. His name is Blake Lewis. He’s on American Idol. He’s the beatboxer. I like him. He’s got style. I like that,” Candice Michelle said.

As the picture below proves, Blake could do a lot worse than to have an admirer such as this:

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Carmen Shows off her amazing body on webcam

Carmen, who (as you all know by now) is one of my FAVORITE cam girls. In today's video Carmen shows off her amazing body in a new skin-tight outfit, a shiny bikini, and in a bubble bath. Yes, she does shed the clothes for the bubble bath. This girl is gorgeous. Music by Rob Balducci.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Big boobed webcam hottie Carmen

Thats right. I am bring Carmen back. I mean, how could I not? She is the hottest webcam girl ever...period. If you have never seen her you should check out her other vids that I have on my blog.

This video may not be as good as the rest, but this one has something that the others ones do not: Carmen shows her face in this video! In her other videos you may catch her mouth or bottom half of her face. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with her mouth, you can actually see her whole head in this video. I always thought that the reason Carmen never showed her face in her videos was because maybe she was a little bit ugly. Well, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that she not only has one of the best bodies ever, but a very cute face to go along with it.

Carmen, I think I am in love with you! lol

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

More Christy Hemme Pics

I received good feedback from the last batch of Christy Hemme pics. So here is a new set. I hope you all enjoy these as much as you did the first ones.

For those of you who do not know who Christy Hemme is; She is a model and professional wrestler. Chrisy is best known for her appearances with WWE and her pictorial in the April 2005 issue of Playboy Magazine. Christy is currently working for TNA Wrestling. They may as well change the name to T&A Wrestling. Ha Ha Cha-Ching!