Friday, June 27, 2008

Awesome Soccer Prankster

In the spirit of Saturday’s Euro2008 final, which will feature Spain vs. Germany, I bring to you this exceptionally talented soccer player, who loves to raise havoc on the streets of his hometown in France by scoring “goals” in all the wrong places.

This soccer dude has got skillz. Mad skillz. Oh, and he must have some big nuts also to be doing some of the crazy stunts that he does to the police.


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R&R said...

That was the best video I have seen in a while. He's got some great kicking skills. Nobody even know what was coming.

Rojo said...

Es buenísimo!

Parker said...

YAY! I'm commenting! I make Jen happy!! YAAYYY!!! lolz well anyway on to my comment!!!!!
I liked the video, he's one funny fucker. Keep up the good work Jen