Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss USA Slips And Falls Down

Miss USA Rachel Smith Slips and falls during the evening gown competition During the Miss Universe 2007 show. Afterwards, the crowd in Mexico boos her. Some say she got boo'd because of the fall. Some say she got boo'd because she did not deserve to be in the top 10 and the only reason she was there was because of Donald Trump. Others think she got boo'd because she made the top 10 and Miss Mexico did not. Whatever the reason may be, she handled the fall pretty well. She kept her composure. She stood back up like nothing happened. If she was unnerved by it, it never showed. And even through the booing she held it all together.


Anonymous said...

miss usa got booed in mexico???? has Nothing to do with the miss universe pagent. probably has alot to do with all the poitical deal making going on between us and them right now

Anonymous said...

Although she fell, she found her way to the final five! I am sad Miss Venezuela didn't win! :(

Anonymous said...

heh heh she gets up righted her self and moves on.... good girl
to bad the US cannot pick up their A$$ that well.