Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brooke Hogan Doesn't Wear Too Much Clothes

Brooke Hogan Shows off her sexy body. That's what happens when you grow up hanging around the mostly naked women of Wrestling. She's wearing shorts so skimpy and tight you can almost make out every detail of her anatomy. I am certain that Papa Hulk Hogan is not too happy about his little girl wearing next to nothing on stage. I think we have another Britney Spears in the making here. Now if I am not mistaken Didnt Hulk Hogan and his wife say that they would not allow her to be the next Britney Spears of Christina Aguilera?

My question to you is does Brooke Hogan have a hot enough body to be wearing this outfit (or lack of outfit)? Take a look at the picture gallery below of Brook Hogan performing. After you look at the pictures I posted a poll about her body. Lets find out what everybody thinks about Brooke's Bod.


Brooke Hogan Likes To Show Off Her Body

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Is Brook Hogan Hot?
Yes, She is Sexy as hell
No, She's a Beast
She has a nice body, but she's a butterface
She has a nice face, but has the body of a tranny

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