Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jennifer Ellison - Bikini Pics Gallery

So you don't know who Jennifer Ellison is? Well, you will know who she is soon enough. Jennifer Ellison may look like Britney Spears but she comes off as way more innocent, not to mention more talented. She's done it all: dancing, acting, modeling, and now singing, which is sure to make her soar through the celebrity stratosphere. Jennifer is becoming an internet icon. Soon enough you will be seeing her face (and other body parts) all over the internet. I can't wait for topless pictures of Jennifer Ellison to surface.

I happen to come across these sexy bikini pictures of Jennifer Ellison. You 'Camel Toe' fans are sure to love these pics.

Jennifer Ellison has already hinted at the possibility of posing nude. In an interview she pointed out what posing for Playboy has done for Pamela Anderson and what flashing a little pink has done for Sharon Stone's career. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Jennifer wants that little career boost.

Let's finish this gallery off with some older pictures of Jennifer Ellison that you are sure to drool over.


Kenny Hyder said...

She may look good in a bikini.. But has she ever been girl jumped?

Elvis 68 said...