Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How Not To Ship a Plasma Television

What the hell was this guy thinking when he packaged this Plasma Television for shipping? He might as well have shipped this thing using bowling balls. Or, I dunno, hammers.

I actually want to cry after seeing these pictures. I could have used this Plasma TV. I bet even Jesus is crying.

You can leave your condolences in the comments section below. I'm gonna go jump off a roof now.


Max said...

Why! Why would you do that to a Samsung product.

This makes my eyes sad.

The Rev said...

THIS HAD TO BE A WOMAN who shipped it. A guy would NEVER do something like this, unless he was a homo.

This is the work of a woman. Guaranteed.

Tank said...

Next up: how to ship china plates in manila envelopes!

Some Bloke said...

Thing is, to create that sort of damage it must have been pretty mishandled anyway, not quite sure better packaging would have saved it... To me it looks like it's been not droped but thrown off a dumping truck with a load of bowling balls ! The dent at the back is actually more scary than the shattered glass, when it comes to force of impact estimation.

I love Strippers said...

There are few reasons for a man to cry..

1. Upon losing a chance to sleep with Jessica Alba
2. A broken plasma TV

Joe said...

a long time ago i worked at UPS at bush airport (houston) and really if you plan on shipping UPS you need to pack GOOD. we always threw shit around. if it says glass or fragile we just threw it a little softer. not saying this was UPS but if your shipping anything then you need to pack good.