Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Allison Stokke - Hottest sports-girl ever?

There is a hot new sports-girl taking the internet by storm : 18 year old Allison Stokke.

Not only is Allison Stokke beautiful, she is talented as well. Apparently, she is the national age-group champion for the sport of pole-vaulting. I hope you enjoy the picture gallery.

Apparently, the fact that she's famous on the net has hit the mainstream media :


Also exclusive interview with CBS :



bryce said...

stokke is definately the hottest female athlete. prolly hottest female period! sorry anna and maria you all are still tied for second!!!

Anonymous said...

agoddesssewa says:

MYOW she is pretty hot yeah.

I wish I could bend that good.


Aflac069 said...

Yeah she is attractive. But as far as sports girls go Danica Patrick takes the cake!!!!

Dennis said...

I agree she's hot but not hottest ever in my book. Regardless, I can't wait to see compete in the Olympics.