Monday, April 30, 2007

Samantha Rowley Photoshoot

Maxim has outdone themselves yet again. They were able to get Samantha Rowley to pose in their Czech Republic magazine. Samantha Rowley is a British babe that appeared in the 'Holly Oaks' television show. She was also on 'Make Me a Supermodel'...and Supermodel material she definitely is. Enjoy these pics. I am sure we will be seeing lots more pictures of Samantha in the near future. Will we possibly see her nude soon? If I get my hands on any more pictures of Samantha, I will definitely post them here for all to enjoy.

And here is a super sexy video of Samantha Rowley's Front Magazine photoshoot.

1 comment:

Alix BrOad said...

This girlzZ always been a stunner.
Even when she was litOl.
I miss seeingher at the gym :(
yOu prOblee dOnt remember me.
buh id lOve tO be like yOu.
yOur my idOl.x
lOve yOuuu samm :) x
Alix brOad x