Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's time for you to pick a babe again!

This was fun when we did it yesterday. Although the girl I picked yesterday did not win, It's good to see what the taste of my readers is. So today I have a new set of babes for you to choose from. Lets get this party started!

Babe #1 - Kim Kardashian (Various pics of her backside)

Babe #2 - Cindy Crawford

Babe #3 - David Beckham shirtless (Oh yes I did! For the ladies! :)

Babe #4 - Abigail Clansy

Babe #5 - Jennifer Love Hewitt (Yes, that is really her. I have the pictures to prove it)

Pick a Babe

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Which Babe do you want to see more of?
Kim Kardashian
Cindy Crawford
David Beckham shirtless
Abigail Clansy
Jennifer Love Hewitt

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