Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ex-Scores waitress files harass suit

How to strike it rich at Scores: Pleasure the boss for money, don't be afraid to show off your assets and act like a "dumb blond."

At least that's what Francis Vargas, a former waitress at the famed Manhattan strip club, says in her harassment suit against the topless joint.

The suit charges that Scores managers repeatedly smacked Vargas on her rear end and accuses a manager identified only as Sammy of inviting her to give him oral sex for $500 if she wasn't happy with the money she was making.

"It doesn't matter if it's a strip club; the law is still the law," said lawyer Matthew Blit of the firm Levine & Blit. "And the law still applies."

Vargas, who was canned from the flesh palace's W. 27th St. outpost last year, wants to settle the score with Scores in a suit that accuses club managers of getting a little too hands-on with her backside.

The harassment suit alleges that Scores manager Alex Gertz coerced Vargas into posing for sexy shots on

The unauthorized pictures of Vargas holding a champagne bottle stayed up on the site from June to November 2006, says the complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

"She didn't want to be part of these pictures; she was a waitress, not a stripper," Blit said. "But if you look at the site, you would think she was a stripper, because everyone else was in stripperlike poses." A spokeswoman for Scores, which operates another club on E. 60th St., did not return calls.

The suit also alleges that she was instructed by strip club brass to "sell herself" and "take out her boobs more" to rack up better tips. Another time, the suit alleges, a co-worker encouraged Vargas to "keep her mouth shut" and "act like a dumb blond" if she wanted to work among the big tippers.

The suit also charges that Scores managers sometimes referred to Vargas as a "bitch" and a "dumb Dominican."

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