Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is Jessica Simpson Ready to Get Naked?

It sounds like Jessica Simpson is ready to let her girls out and go nude for a Hollywood film. Apparently she believes that baring it all is the best way to earn the respect she so desperately wants of movie execs, even if it disappoints her family, according to Female First. A source revealed:

"Jessica Simpson is in the running for a role that, if she gets it, will put her right on the map in terms of acting. The only hitch is that the script requires a number of quite graphic scenes including a full-frontal nude scene. Jessica is so desperate to land the role and get the industry's respect that she's ready to go against her better judgement, and her family, by agreeing to bare all."

Earlier this year, Papa Joe Simpson forced her to turn down a potentially Oscar-winning role as a porn star and said:

"The last script that came to us was for Jessica to be a porn star. We were promised we would win an Oscar with that. I told them, 'I think we'll just buy a statue of a little man and keep our clothes on.'"

So maybe if Jessica Simpson had decided to strip earlier, she wouldn't have taken on a role in her recent flop 'Blonde Ambition' that went straight to DVD rather than the movie theaters.

Jessica Simpson, take it all off and then we'll see if that makes a difference in your acting ability. We know you'll at least have more people wanting to go see your movies that way.

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superion said...

If she strip down to her birthday suit & does a "Donkey show" it still wouldn`t get her work or respect.She suffers from an affliction called,"Cantactitis".Remember,beauty fades...dumb is foever!!!