Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fallen "Idol" Offered Cop Fellatio

Jessica Sierra was to the point when she was busted last week. According to a police report Sierra told the arresting officer, "I'll suck your d*** if you don't take me to jail." Tempting offer!

Sierra also went on to use the N word several times, saying, "F*** you N*****!" According to the report, her friend tried calming Jessica down as she tried shoving a cop, and then Jessica and her pal ended up fighting in the street.

The broken "Idol" hurled a flurry of racial slurs and profanity during her arrest. She's been charged with disorderly intoxication, violation of probation -- and obstruction of justice.

This weekend, a judge denied her bond, advising that Jessica needs to find another form of entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I would have been all over it if I was that cop.

Dad said...

She should have pulled something like this DURING the competition. Maybe she would have gotten further.

Don said...


Jessica said...

Kinda makes you wonder if she has pulled this before and if it actually worked in getting out of tickets/arrests.

Anonymous said...

Wow...she was a cute lil girl when she was on American Idol. Parents PLEASE keep your kids off of drugs.