Monday, April 16, 2007

April Scott - Stuff Magazine Lingerie PhotoShoot

I think that most people still do not know who April Scott is. For those who do not know, she plays Daisy Duke in the straight to DVD Dukes of Hazzard Part II.

According to search engines, tons and tons of people are searching for nude pics of April Scott. But to the best of my knowledge there are none...not yet anyway. I guess she landed the role of Daisy Duke without having to get naked for anybody. But I am going to try to hunt down a video or two of April and post the videos to my blog. So keep any eye out for that. I will also be posting a few wallpaper pictures of her so you can use those if you like.

While April Scott may not have one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, I must say that this model-turned-actress definitely has one of the hottest bodies in town. See for yourself. Here are the photos from April's Stuff Magazine photoshoot. The girl looks good in Lingerie. Check out the pictures. And feel free to comment on these pics below. Enjoy the gallery.


Anonymous said...

GOD DAMN SHE IZ HOT!!! Id Show Her WutZ UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Daisy Duke and NO ASS shot.I dont feel good