Friday, February 2, 2007

The Game Fingered Vida Guerra

Watch out, Eminem! There's a new rapper vs. model scandal in town and pulling a 'Playboy' girl's pony tails is not good enough anymore to hold the headlines! As neither is bragging about about boning Mariah Carey, by the way. Therefore: exit Eminem, enter The Game.

Some know Vida Guerra for her impressive ass-ets, which she proudly displays on any cover magazine big enough to hold it. Saying that she is not famous would be insulting her, and the same goes for her not being drop-dead gorgeous. She is the new Pamela Anderson of the world of glamour models but there is one thing that radically differentiates them: Vida take s**t from no one! Not even if that person is such a menacing public figure and verbally aggressive rapper like The Game.

It all started with The Game telling a bunch of his friends that he dates the voluptuous Vida. Afterwards, probably experiencing remorse or shame, the rapper switched stories and went back on his original version, claiming this time that no, he did not date her. But that doesn't mean that he didn't get to do the 'two finger split' on her (no imagination required to understand what he's referring to).

Last night, The Game was doing an interview on Hot 97, where he couldn't avoid talking about video chicks and, eventually, Vida Guerra. He clarified the rumors about him dating her, insisting that they were never true, and then went on to say that, while at Jamie Foxx's birthday party, he fingered her in 'both tunnels'.

But Vida also has her own account of how things really went down. The model says The Game was so insulted when she turned him down for a date that he immediately went into the recording studio, where he put down a track about how she 'Wouldn't Get Far'. But she, being a wise girl, was like 'dude, please'!

'Now, I don't know if you heard The Game's new song where he's talking s**t. I'm like, please. He was trying to get with me since last year. I'm gonna find a way ‘cause I'm gonna call T-Mobile to see if there's a way to retrieve the emails. Somebody told me I could. I wanna challenge him to a lie detector test. I'll take one too. I never dated this guy. It doesn't matter what you do, if I don't like you, I don't like you.', Vida said.

In the same interview, the model admits that there is one thing that she can't bring herself to understand: why would such a successful rapper lower himself to picking on girls for publicity. Cue to Vida: 'I haven't even heard the song. Somebody told me he did an interview and basically he said he had a sister that's trying to get into modeling, and he didn't want her to do it because he's basically saying that if you're a video vixen that you're a hoe. That's people's perception of a sex symbol. I know the truth. When I heard it, I was like, “Wow, I didn't know he took rejection that personally”. Why couldn't you go after another rapper? Why do you go and pick on the girls? He had to resort to that. Punk! [laughs]'.

This is how the first chapter of the rapper against models saga ends. For more details, keep your eyes on this space.


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Carey said...

I would have to side with Vida on her comments. I have seen a few things go down in my days and one of them is that guys can't handle rejection when they think their s#^t don't stink. And when a woman puts them down, they take it hard because it effects their brain and their game. And forgive me, if all the guy can do is degrade because he is turned down, the I guess he should be a rapper because he doesn't know how to act or even sing. They call that NO TALENT and NO CLASS. Enough said, she will be around a lot longer then him and have a hell of a lot to show her retirement years then he will ever have in two life times.