Friday, February 9, 2007

Flaming Dr. Pepper

After having this drink at a freinds party, I decided to make them for a Halloween party i was having. I used Guiness, Ameretto, and Bacardi 151. The only problem was I used 3/4 a shot 151 and 1/4 areretto. I don't weigh too much, but I can pound with the best but after 3 of those bad boys I could barley walk! On top of that they tasted very bad, so make it the right way 3/4 ameretto or no one else will drink it and you will end up like me or worse!

Flaming Dr. Pepper
1 pint(s) Beer
1 shot(s) Amaretto
1 dash(es) Grain Alcohol

Mostly fill a pint glass of beer. Warm the shot glass and add the amaretto. Top with the grain alcohol and flame. Take a deep breath, drop the shot glass in the beer and chug. The bottom tastes exacly like Dr. Pepper when the shot glass drops.


Anonymous said...

Tried this i though i did it right but used to much Bacardi i think dunno it was Ok though.

Partyallnight said...

Not as good as some of your other drinks but pretty good..