Friday, March 23, 2007

Sanjaya's Sister!

I just found out that future American Idol champ Sanjaya Malakar's sister worked at Hooters. Why wasn't I notified of this sooner? Shyamali, also known as Shamal Malakar was an early plotline on this season's show. Bro made it to Hollywood; sis went back to the orange hot pants.

She should be the reason Sanjaya stays on the show. Like during his performances, she should be dancing or jumping on a trampoline. Shamal is free to work where she wants. That said, I hate Hooters. Besides those crappy wings, my big problem with Hooters are those ridiculous pantyhose the servers have to wear, like dollar-store scuba suits. It's totally unappetizing. And I'm not sure I see the health benefits of keeping their legs covered, but it's okay to allow their shellacked hair to swing all over my two-dozen nuclear wings.

I dont know, I just dont get it. Anyhoot, enjoy the picture of Sanjaya's sister.

And then check out the hooters bouncing in this short video clip. In six seasons of American Idol, this is the best thing i've ever seen on the show. Ahhhh yes, Two more reasons to vote for Sanjaya!


Samjaya said...

Nice Sweater Kittens!

Nacho Libre said...

The best reason to keep that no talent Sanjaya kid on American Idol is to see his hot sister bounce up and down.

Anonymous said...

So she is hot, then what????

Anonymous said...

she looks like a hoe. ppl think she has a nice body, ok, she does, but she still looks like a skank. as for sanjaya, well, no comment on him. he just really needs to be stopped, i mean, HE MADE A LITTLE KID CRY. fucking bastard.

Anonymous said...

Sanjaya's sister is absolutely gorgeous. This said, it is terribly sad that the only employment where she thinks she can mae a buck is Hooters. She could have beat her brother on the show but it's obvious her self-esteem isn't exactly top notch. Leave the poor girl alone, she will find herself one day and it won't be at Hooters or on a blog bouncing her boobs.