Thursday, March 8, 2007

Extreme Form of Mario Kart

Think Go Cart racing is all fun and games? Well, they have some pretty nasty accidents. Here is a good compilation of Go-Kart crashes in this video clip. Those things are fast!

And by the way, after watching this video I would have to think that roll bars would be a great idea.

And I can't believe the guys that are fighting on the track.


Jennifer said...

haha that would be me if i was driving.

Dr. Phil said...

After the race ... go carter was informed that she was actually a he/it. Upset by the news that he was now a homo, the carter vomited twice before removing himself from the race. The doctors at the mental institute hold little hope of repairing his shattered psyche. cannot change your are a genetic male despite your extensive surgery. Quit fooling people and tell them the truth before you do them. This is real life, not the Crying Game.