Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vida Guerra VS Jennifer Lopez

Who has the better Booty? You vote below.

Here we have Vida Guerra's buttox.

And here we have J-Lo's glutes.

It is obvious that both of these girls have ass for days! They both have the kind of sexy booty that can bring a tear to your eye. Their rumps probably make up 75% of their total body weight, and whats not to like about that?!?

Now it is time to find out who has the best ass between these two Latin big-bootied bombshells. It's time to put them head to head...or should I say, ass to ass. It's time to vote on who you think has the best booty.

Vida Guerra VS Jennifer Lopez

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Which of these two lovely ladies has the best booty?
Vida Guerra
Jennifer Lopez
Niether has a nice ass

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