Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jenna Jameson rides a sybian

Today's biggest and hottest porn star, Jenna Jameson rides a Sybian on the Howard Stern show. Sybians are high-tech devices that give the ultimate in sexual stimulation.

After the ride, the vibrating device left her " 'so wet and shaky' ... that she had to leave the studio immediately", according to the show notes on Stern's site.

Once again Howard comes through!

Unfortunately this video no longer works! :(

But you can watch it here: Jenna Rides the Sybian


SPAKOLY said...

The invention that will replace the man, but who's going to argue with you. I guess we've got to go back and talk to Mudd, and put our order in for those android women. I want the mudds wife model.

Anthony said...

I love your posts. The only hot chick I know that posts hot chick porn for me to love.