Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holy Hooters Batman!

OK, so I obviously am not against chicks getting their boobs done. I am all for that. (And for the record, if there are any girls out there thinking about getting their boobs done, and have questions, feel free to shoot me an email :)

BUT!!!!! When do you consider it going too far? Is it afar the D cup? Is it after the Double D cup? How about the LMNOP cup? Take a little looksie at the girl in the video below and if any of you can please explain to me what the hell she was thinking please post your comments.

Oh, I guess another question I have is can these be real? And by real I do not mean natural. You would have to be an idiot to believe that they are natural. I just want to know it those are really her boobs or if she is hiding two giant water balloons (or waterbeds) under her shirt. If anybody knows who this girl is, I'd like to see more pics or videos of her just to verify if her boobs are real. Holy Mother of Jesus!!


Put me in your top 8, or the puppy dies!!! said...

If those are real, she's gonna have one hell of a Chiropractor bill..She could breastfeed all of the starving children in Africa:)

Redb0y said...

I was intrigued and went onto the site's member section and read his alleged story (blah, blah, blah...). He claims he's discovered like the southeast Asian equivalent of "Amazons"... tiny Asian women who, by rubbing their chests with some kind of exotic plant, grow incredibly disproportionate chests. After checking out lots of the pics and vids, one discovers that the pictures rarely show an actual nipple (he's claiming that some of the girls are underage to get around that one...), and he NEVER shows a real cleavage shot (save of the one girl on there that has REAL boobs - tiny Asian girl and she really has a great pair, but does not even approach this gal or the others) from an "above" angle, which would show the actual attachment point of said breasts. They are some kind of balloons that he shoves into sweaters, big bras, T-shirts... but never shown supporting themselves, and never showing where they attach to the lady. The ONLY picture I found that showed a picture of the supposed breast attaching to the gal (shown in profile actually) had been so obviously Photoshop'd that it was ridiculous. Most of the picture is razor sharp, and the actually breast is obviously zoomed (from a "mortal woman") and is all grainy compared to the rest of the picture. It was kind of a nice fantasy, though... and the guy tells a good story. Ultimately, the pics are all fakes shot w/ props... even the shots of the dude's unit too, I think.