Friday, August 8, 2008

9 Mistakes To Avoid In Bed

1- Not kissing

Believe it or not, many men don't kiss the woman they're with when they're having sex. Why? Perhaps because the positioning doesn't allow for it. Nevertheless, I recommend that you make an effort to kiss your woman when you're inside her.

2- Biting before she's ready

While plenty of women enjoy an aggressive man, biting any part of her body before she's fully aroused may lead to pain and discomfort. Make sure she's fully excited before you bite her nipples, shoulders, neck, or any other part of her body.

3- Ignoring everything but sexualized parts

Breasts and vaginas are great, no doubt, but you should definitely pay attention to other parts of her body. Lick behind her knees, kiss her wrists, rub her back, caress her stomach focus some time on her entire body. It'll turn her on more and, in turn, increase the chances of her pleasuring you back.

4- Putting your weight on her

It's okay to lose yourself in the moment every once in a while and go crazy on your woman. But when you're lying on top of her, you have to be careful not to drop your weight on her, in essence hindering her ability to breathe properly.

5- Ejaculating too soon/too late

You need to have good penile control to ensure that you can ejaculate at an appropriate time. Too soon and she may be unsatisfied; too late and she starts feeling like sandpaper. If you can't control yourself and end up letting go too soon, spend a lot more time on foreplay. If you last too long and can only ejaculate via manual stimulation, do your best to give her an orgasm and then get her to satisfy you manually.

6- Not warning her about ejaculate

If you're going to let go, whether it's inside her vagina, in her mouth or anywhere on her body, you need to tell her beforehand. Something as simple as "I'm going to let go," will suffice. She deserves to know.

7- Treating sex like porn

Although some couples enjoy having nasty, raunchy sex, you'd be wise to talk to the girl you're going to sleep with before you engage in such behavior. If you begin forcing her head back and forth when she's sucking you, or you pound away on her and start spanking her without knowing if she likes it first, chances are the scenario won't end on a happy note.

8- Staying quiet

I'm sure you want to hear when your woman is enjoying herself, so pay her the same respect and speak up when you're enjoying yourself. Something as simple as a little moan, or even saying something like, "that feels so good," will encourage her.

9- Pumping away like a jackhammer

It may feel good for you to pump in and out of a woman like you're in a sprint, but you'll quickly discover that most women don't enjoy such an act, at least not off the bat. Mix it up a little bit; go fast at times, then slowly. Go all the way in at times, and other times let only the tip of your head in.

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DuJuan said...

While these rules are understandable, they only take into account that everything that goes wrong in the bedroom is the man's fault. Judging from these, one would assume that all a woman has to do is show up and that absolves her from any responsibility from what happens. I would like to see you post 'Nine Mistakes Women Need to Avoid in Bed' and I could take this seriously.