Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big boobs save Japanese Chick from injustice!

Meet Serena Kozakura, the Japanese pin-up model whose big breasts (44 inches to be exact) saved her from a guilty verdict of property destruction.

Last year, Kozakura was convicted of property destruction after a man claimed that she had kicked in the door of his room and she proceeded to crawl inside because he was with another woman.

Kozakura says that the man made the hole himself. She appealed the guilty verdict handed down to her last year and because of her big breasts, her defense attorneys were able to show (by holding up a plate the size of the hole) that there was no way this busty woman could have even made it through the opening.

“I used to hate my body so much. But it was my breasts that won in court.”

After hearing the testimony, Judge Kunio Harada obviously agreed that Kozakura’s big breasts prevented her from going into the room through the hole and tossed the guilty verdict, stating that there was “reasonable doubt over the man’s account”.

Kozakura even went on the air to show that she couldn’t fit through the hole.

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shes blessed lol