Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Russell Crowe to fight in MMA

It started as an internet rumour but today Oscar winnng actor and part time musician Russell Crowe held a press conference to announce that he was adding a new chapter to his amazing career, that of a MMA fighter.

Russell has had more than enough incidents over the years to document his temper including the now infamous phone throwing debacle in a New York hotel. He also starred in the movie Cinderella Man as boxing champion James Braddock.

Crowe, 42 has secretly been training for the last 6 months to prepare for his latest challenge. He hasn't been by himself though having enlisted the help of famed MMA fighter and big Russell Crowe fan, Fedor Emelianenko, who was present with Crowe at the press conference.

Usually,actors make a career change when their oppurtunities have dried up but Crowe is an A-List Hollywood actor. When asked why he is doing this he said " mate, I love smashing people, it's a great feeling and before I get too old I want to know if I could beat an elite fighter".

Through an interpreter, Emelianenko said Crowe had been a keen student and would do more than hold his own in the MMA. Emelianenko predicted that Crowe would win his first fight.

While being tight lipped about an opponent, it is understood Frank Mir has signed to take on Crowe in the battle. Mirs management team could not be reached for comment.

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Miss Debater said...

I happen to be a HUUUUGE fan of Mr. Crowe, but something tells me he's overestimating his abilities a bit here. This wafts ever so slightly of mid life crisis, don't you think? But good luck to him.