Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is Britney a Bad Mom?

I've had my moments of feeling sorry for Britney Spears, I really have. She's been mercilessly hounded and mocked and chastised for being a silly exhibitionist twit who, everyone says, deserved to lose her children - what's not to cringe at? But seriously, this week, I gotta say that all of my sympathy's dried up. Partying after losing custody? Continuing to parade ridiculously in front of the paparazzi as though nothing happened? That kind of stuff wears down my sympathy.

As does missing your first visitation with the babies that you haven't seen in days. As does refusing to open the door to your children because you didn't want to see the court-ordered parenting coach.

That's right. All those stories about how the gate-intercom wasn't working? About how Britney just didn't realize that her babies had arrived and were waiting to see Mommy? All, apparently, bullshit.

TMZ is reporting that Britney knew that her kids were there but just refused to answer the intercom because the court-ordered parenting coach was with them:

Sources tell TMZ the real reason Britney Spears didn't answer her buzzer when her kids came to visit last Thursday is because she wants nothing to do with anyone who tries to tell her how to be a good parent.

We're told Britney was well aware that her kids were coming at 10:00 AM. She had telephone conversations about it 10 minutes earlier. Britney's big concern was that she didn't want the parenting coach, who was in tow, to tell her how to interact with her kids.

So Brit's solution was to not answer the buzzer, as her kids cried in front of the house and waited for 40 minutes before K-Fed's bodyguard pulled the plug and returned home.

We don't know how reliable these 'sources' are, of course, but somehow the whole story seems a lot more plausible than 'the intercom broke.' This is, after all, the woman who fired her manager and her publicist and who celebrated the loss of her kids with a night out partying. So the whole 'Britney's-a-victim' line is seeming less and less believable as the days go by.

Her poor kids. They're the victims.

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