Friday, August 31, 2007

To Use an Escort or Not to use it?

Unfortunately most of us during one time or another have problems getting laid. We might not admit it, but during this period we might buy more hand lotion than anyone may believe. Don’t fret it, there are reasons why you might not be getting laid. Ahhh, this is where escorts come in handy. I know, those are whores. You are right they are, but they put out without a problem. If you show the green backs, she will lie on her back for you. Pretty simple isn’t it? There are a lot of reasons why men might go to an escort. A person who is a traveling businessman might not have the time to find a one night stand, or even a long term relationship for that matter. The same is true with doctors, scientists, lawyers, and so forth. They get so wrapped in their work that they don’t have time for a relationship.
For them, an escort is an easy way to get some bliss.

The great thing about money is, if you have a lot of it, you can get yourself a mighty fine escort. We all have seen those crack whores without teeth who will give blow jobs for 20 dollars. These women on the other hand, are the cream of the crop. They look like they just walked out of the pages of Playboy. They are the women every man dreams of.

Rich guys love having a hot babe hooked to their arm. They can take them out to dinner and show them off. Parade her as if she was a dog at a dog show. He can smile to the world and he thinks that the rest of the world envies him because he has a hot babe with him.

A man loves this kind of date because he knows if the price is right, she will come on down and score. Unless you have a prude for an escort, you know that at the end of the night you are getting laid. A lot of people like this because there is no worries about the sex. You don’t have to take a woman out at a nice restaurant and wonder if you are going to get any. If you got the bills, you know you will get some action.

Some men who are well, ugly as a dog’s ass use escorts too. To be fair, not all are ugly. Some might have the personality of a box of rocks. Either their looks or personality prevents them from getting laid. There is three options for fellas like this.. Buy some hand lotion, get a sex toy, or get an escort.

Some men hire escorts not for sex, but for company. A man who loses his wife due to divorce can be very lonely. Life can suck when all you do is work and go home and watch reruns on television every day. A woman can add that little sparkle to the day.

Not every escort is out just for sex. You would be surprised if you asked if they get many clients not looking for sex. Some people are lonely and just want someone to talk to. We have all heard stories about men who call phone sex lines not to talk dirty, but just to talk to someone. Paying an escort for this, is a very expensive way to cure your loneliness. I wouldn’t suggest this unless you have a big bank roll.

I think some men visit escorts for the rush. It is like getting a blow job in a movie theater. You know it is taboo so you want to do it more. The idea of a woman sucking you off just for the cash is a turn on. It can also be about power. You have the money and she needs/wants the money. If she doesn’t suck on your pole, then she will go home broke.

I have heard tons of men say they would never visit an escort. Then they go on to tell me what they sexual fantasies are and how they are never fulfilled. This is also why some men go to escorts. They like telling a woman what to wear, how to suck their boner, to bend over and beg for it. How many men out there wouldn’t want a woman who would beg them to stick their penis in her anus? Well, for the right amount of money, that is possible.

With all things in life, you get what you invest. You know that if you go with an escort, it is only a one night fling. This might not be the best option for you. Rather, you should try to find a mate that you can have a loving relationship. After you visit enough escorts, sex becomes cheap and a hassle. Some of these escorts cost bundles of money, so if this is your only hope, you might end up in the poor house.

Another good way of getting laid is finding a partner online. This may be even cheaper, easier and funnier than simply buying an escort service. You may have some kind of online adventure with a woman in your area or even a women from the other parts of the world. Even if you don’t like virtual sex etc, you will find online adult personals sites useful, because many women posting there are nothing but escort and they are simply advertising their escort services through adult personals sites.

I’m not sure that I would recommend anyone pay a visit to an escort. As with anyone who has sex often with multiple partners, there is a high risk of getting a disease. Personally, I would rather stay at home and wank my crank, but that is me.

If you do choose to visit one of these working girls, always wear a condom. Don’t fall for the bit that she is on the pill or she is allergic to latex. If she says something like that, take your money and get another escort. She is obviously very stupid, or trying to infect you with something.

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